Tuesday, 15 January 2013

6mths & 1 wk !!

Florence and Freya are 6mths & 1 wk old i am unsure where the time has gone but i know we have enjoyed every second spent with our wonderful girls!!
We have been home for 8 wks nearly and its been great with the girls making a wonderful impression on all our family.
They have a wonderful big sister who bath's, feed's & even changes nappies and lets them in here room but i sure that will change when they are able to help themselves to her make up......

I would love to be able to put some photos on but my computer is playing up  and i am unable to do so!!


  1. wow 6 months, 1 week, thats gone fast, i hope your PC starts to behave soon and we get to see the girls x

  2. Wow - hard to believe six months already!!!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!